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Doral Yoga & Wellness Series is a series of programs designed to teach wellness practices from Yoga, Meditation, Body Works, Nutrition and Healthy Living to the residents of the City of Doral. These series offer an opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge and experiences improving their daily living with healthy choices. These programs are created and directed by Gabriela Mujica focused on bringing awareness and conscience  to the community  in an integral health lifestyle. They are based weekly and monthly depending on the program proposal.

As a 16 years experienced yogui and resident of Doral, Mujica has constantly been exploring all aspects of self-discovery. Her vision as a passionate of the movement, body biomechanics and fan of different techniques of meditations is to share, educate and elevate the world we are living with every action we do. Part of her mission is to embrace, design and celebrate physical, mental and spiritual transformation in the community with safe, consciences and fun practices.


Sessions & Series

Doral Yoga & Wellness Series are divided into 3 main programs (Meditation Series, Healthy Series and Healthy Weeks Sessions)

Right now the program offered are

  • Morning Yoga Flow Sessions

  • Om Prenatal Wellness Series

  • Om Mommy & Baby sessions


Create a healthier and awareness communitty

One of these programas main goals is to create awareness in the community of the importance of building an ideal self by keeping and maintaining a healthy mind, a healthy body and earth. Gaby passionately promotes yoga as the way to achieve this ideal self. In Gaby’s own words “It brings me great pleasure to share my experience and what I have learned with all the people interested in taking care of themselves in a more integral way.”

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Doral Fl 33178

Tel: 786-370-8434

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